Happy Monday all! Erin and I hope you had a great halloween weekend filled with large quantities of sugar, a few scary movies, and a safe time celebrating! Today’s wedding post isn’t scary, though…in fact…it’s straight 100% pure awesome thanks to two amazing people and the love they share with one another; Brittanie and Tomas. […]

Last week Erin and I had the privilege of working with Rodger’s Gardens, one of Newport Beach’s most renown floral studios. If you’ve grown up in Southern California, you’ve undoubtedly attended one of their world famous holiday exhibits as they are known for their beautiful flowers and amazing attention to detail in all that they […]

Allison and Jake are so much fun. These two, when they are together, light up one another’s worlds. During our time in the park with them, they would ask us “what do you want us to do?” (And it’s a question we get all the time when are out during our engagement sessions) So many […]

There are some times in life when looking for the blessings around you is difficult, and then there are times when the blessings are right in front of your face…but you can’t recognize them because of being caught up in “life” and what you have/want to accomplish. I’m not sure which situation is worse, but […]

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