August 2, 2010

Beautiful Wedding at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA: Mai and Jim

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There are some times in life when looking for the blessings around you is difficult, and then there are times when the blessings are right in front of your face…but you can’t recognize them because of being caught up in “life” and what you have/want to accomplish. I’m not sure which situation is worse, but in either case, stopping and looking for the good in life is so important! This was completely, 100% me, a couple weeks ago. Things were right in front of me, and I was missing it. Brilliant.

That is, however, until I showed up to shoot Mai and Jim’s wedding at the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, CA with my friends Oz and Mike. And as it almost NEVER happens, I was early, and had a good hour to kill before things started. Even though we’re in Southern California, it’s almost a running joke with Erin and I as to how we never see the beach or the water. Well, my friend, if you’ve ever been to the Montage, you know that the moment you walk into the lobby, all you CAN see is endless ocean. High above the cliffs in Laguna Beach, it’s almost as if you’re hovering above the sea…and it was there that I got convicted by selfishness, and just kind of stood on the balcony in awe of not just how much a a clod I was…but also of the person above who loves me no matter what. Above the vast expanse of the ocean of an utterly gorgeous day, I was humbled to say the least, and just sat there, thankful, and ready to capture love in a whole new light!

Mai was as beautiful as the scenery which surrounded her and Jim, and adorned in her elegant Jimmy Choo heels and Vera Wang gown, they, along with only their closest of family and friends, began a new chapter in the story of joining these two wonderful people! For them, this was a destination wedding as they live up in Seattle, and it could not have been more gorgeous.

Thank you again to Oz for inviting me, and thank you to the incredible staff at the Montage; it was an incredible day! Enjoy :)


  1. oz says:

    Dude you absolutely are such an awesome friend, shooter, and person. You mesh and bring out the best in all of your couples. GREAT WORK!

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