It’s so much fun to break away from the “norm” sometimes and we love challenging ourselves in our photography! So when someone from our church asked us if we’d take her daughter’s senior portraits we jumped at the chance to grab our camera and mix it up a bit! It was one of our first […]

Hi Friends! Well our bags are packed, our gear is loaded up, and we are heading out to the great state of Texas for a wedding we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Our friend and fellow photographer Phillip Glickman has honored us by asking we capture his and Ashley’s amazing day; we […]

Going into it years ago, there is so much more to photography than we ever thought. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but other than that we really didn’t know what it would be, haha. There was one other thing though, come to think of it. And that was if we were going to learn, […]

It was a message we had been dreading to receive. And we just lay there. Thankful for every moment. I had twittered last Monday that Erin and I had photographed a family portrait that was especially meaningful. The father, Masse, had terminal cancer and as a gift one of Erin’s friends asked us if we […]

I was flipping through the latest issue of Rangefinder Magazine, a publication well-known by professional photographers, and a favorite read of ours here in the studio. So there I was just paging through and I stopped. I flipped back a to previous page and couldn’t believe it! There, in the back, was a paragraph we […]

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