We excitedly hopped into the car last Saturday and headed down the freeway for Jennifer and Andrew’s San Diego engagement photos. Little did we know we were about to meet such an awesome couple, but also the location where we were about to photograph them was going to be a little, shall we say, interesting! […]

So the clouds have parted, the rain has gone away, and after having left a very sizable groove on my couch, I’m back in the office and catching up on sharing some great weddings from this past summer! Once again, the always fabulous Maria Longhi was kind enough to invite me to join her! I […]

It’s raining outside here in Orange County, so I wanted to do something different than just sit at my desk. So I hopped up, and moved on over to the couch! And believe you me…this guy is getting stuff done! We just recently got a 1TB hard drive for our office that hooks right into […]

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