February 10, 2010

Balboa Park Wedding, San Diego: Marissa and Richard

So the clouds have parted, the rain has gone away, and after having left a very sizable groove on my couch, I’m back in the office and catching up on sharing some great weddings from this past summer! Once again, the always fabulous Maria Longhi was kind enough to invite me to join her! I love shooting with other photographers and always take away something new from each wedding! It gives me a chance to get creative and capture a different angle on the day. Every couple, every wedding is different from the next and we love every minute!

Marissa and Richard were no exception! They were married on a gorgeous summer afternoon in San Diego. With their photos and reception taking place inBalboa Park, there were so many amazingly romantic places to put these two…and just not enough time to get to them all! Thankfully, there were two of us so we split up the guys and gals and had such a great time! Richard and his boys were just non-stop laughs and jokes. You can always get a groom to relax when you get him alone with his boys :)

Marissa was stunning in her gown and her eyes would light up every time she wrapped her arms around her man. Having met and fallen in love at their jobs as TSA agents at the airport, I can just picture them shooting loving glances and smiles back and forth as passengers and cranky travelers come barging through their checkpoints, haha. And if 40 hours a week was enough to see one another, they just couldn’t get enough of each other! Richard knew he had to lock it in and marry this woman! Their day was filled with the love of family and friends as everyone celebrated two lives and one love that are forever inseparable.

Here are a few images from their day! Enjoy the sunshine :)

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