July 27, 2010

Newport Beach Engagement: Briana and Brandon

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Briana and Brandon have quite a story…and it began in a sandbox! They’ve known one another since the 3rd grade, grew up together, and for the better part of a decade it has been leading up to these upcoming weeks. They are getting married next month and vowing to be one another’s “person” for the rest of their lives! It’s like the fairy-tale we all dream of… and in a few short weeks it will have become the prologue to a love story with limitless possibilities.

Even putting all of that aside, Briana and Brandon are genuinely just amazing people who look at one another as if they’ve found their better half…or rather…better 95%, haha. After two minutes into their engagement session, we found that all that needed to be said for Briana to smile her biggest, was just for her to glance at her soon-to-be husband. And when she did, you’d have thought we all got transported back into the hallways of high school the way she stared into Brandon’s eyes…her biggest crush…her deepest love…her future husband.

Erin and I consider it to be such an honor to be there as they continue their lives together. Getting married at Rose Drive Church, where they grew up attending, we can’t wait to see these two again and know that their wedding day is going to be so amazing!

For their engagement session, it wasn’t even an option…they knew we were going into the fields of Orange County, a place and atmosphere they felt truly represented who they were together. And in looking back at what we captured between these two, I’d have to agree 100% with their decision…it was so them.

Here are a few of our favorites…

P.S. Briana is an amazing hairstylist! She cut Erin’s hair today and even though I might be a little biased…my wife looks HOT!


  1. Jove Yambot says:

    Great work guys…nice

  2. Leo Druker says:

    Gorgeous shots. Love that second from the bottom flash shot – simply stunning.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful couple and GREAT pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. dognbird says:

    You have an awesome eye. These portraits are fantastic!

  5. Gorgeous Couple! Beautiful Location and some stunning poses.. Love this session.. definitely one of my faves thus far!

  6. gus says:

    These shots are absolutely awesome. I stumbled upon your site today and just love your eye and how you see things. Especially the shot with the out of focus foliage in the foreground (creaive!!!). I’m not usually a fan of straight on afternoon sun and I never ever shoot when it’s like that because I never seem to be able to expose properly… but you definitely ROCKED this light. I am actually really liking it. Any chance you’d help me with the exposure settings?

  7. […] you didn’t have a chance to see their engagement photos in the fields of Newport Beach, click HERE! Also, be sure to sign their online guestbook and see the rest of their wedding […]

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