January 21, 2010

Mission Inn Hotel Wedding, Riverside, CA: Eileen and Jason

This past weekend I got a call to go and help my buddy Jeremy Lucero with a wedding he had in Riverside, CA. Anxious and practically jumping at the chance to put my new Nikon D3 camera through the paces, we met up at the crack of dawn off the 91 freeway and carpooled out to the Mission Inn Hotel where Eileen and Jason were getting ready so we could start shooting at 7:30am. There were some clouds in the sky but no hint of rain, so we had free reign over the entire grounds at the Mission Inn. After leaving for the day I was AMAZED at what a location it was. I’d never heard of it when I arrived, but left with it being one of my favorite places to shoot! Even with the sun shining brightly overhead, there were always a million amazing options to shoot. And believe you me…we used as many as we could!

It was truly a spectacular day filled with all the amazing moments I’ve come to love being a wedding photographer; Erin was crazy jealous when I got home with these images! We are crossing our fingers to book a bride here in 2010! Ladies, if you haven’t checked this place out and you’re getting married, click on the link above and see for yourself!

Here are a few from what was an amazing day.

– – Eileen didn’t want to see Jason before the ceremony, but she wanted to hear his voice and at least hold his hand for the last time before they got married! – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – It looks like this could be in Italy, you’d never guess it was in Riverside! I love the Mission Inn! – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


– – – – – – – – – – –


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  1. Amanda Patrice says:

    Omigosh! That photo of their hands holding is priceless. Gorgeous work… as usual :-)

  2. LOVE your style and your blog layout!

  3. Seriously? Your pictures just got me teary eyed. More specifically the picture of the couple not seeing each other before the ceremony, but holding hands?! How beautiful! And I’m with Erin about the “favorite shot of the day” What a gorgeous background. :)

  4. Stunning work! I LOVE it! XXOO

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