January 10, 2010

Los Angeles International Auto Show: Best B-day Ever

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It’s no secret…if you know me (Gavin), you know that I L-O-V-E cars. It goes God, My wife, my family, photography, and then cars. Fast cars…exotic cars…cars that make you ruin the apholstery when you sit in them. Yeah, those type of cars. Currently my heart is torn and I’m caught in a vicious love triangle between the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Audi R8 as my mid-life crisis of choice. I’ve already got the green light from the wifey that one of them can some day be in the garage, so we’ll see :)

This love of all things that go vroom-vroom has been instilled, no, indoctrinated into my DNA by my car-crazy family. As long as I can remember, I’ve gone to auto shows and read Road & Track since I could say “Super-charged V8.”

Every year it is a family event to trek up to Los Angeles for the LA International Auto Show. This year it just so happened to fall on my birthday; awesome! Having been made an amazing b-day breakfast by my loving wife, we met up with my family and headed up to see what the Germans and Italians had cooked up this year (sorry Detroit, not a fan)!

I brought along our new Nikon D3 camera and decided to put it through the paces in the low flourecent lighting and see what it could do! It didn’t disappoint :)

Here are a few images! Sadly, the hot imports were a no show for the first time ever this year….recessions are lame.


P.S. If you have a sweet car, and want some free photos of your baby, shoot me an email at info@gavinwadephoto.com . I work for joyrides :)

– – The new Porsche Panamera, a 4-door “family” car with a V10 —

– – My true love – –

– – The Bumble Bee Camaro —
– – *sigh* my family, I think I’ll keep them. —

– – My brother Camden, the ultimate package – –

– – Goodbye McLaren SLR… Hello SLS! – –
– – Mid-life crisis candidate #1 – –

– – My father being… well, my father :) – –
  1. Isn’t the Fisker a cool car?? I want one sooo bad! That or the porche panamera. I am not tooooo picky. Great shots man.

  2. {img}42_48{/img}
    Its kind of hard to pay attention to the car.. Erin you look gorgeous.. nice work Gavin

  3. Jason Thon says:

    Happy Birthday Gavin. I would say the Audi R8! It’s a little more understated and less obvious. For me it may be the Aston Martin Vantage. What is that last car? That’s pretty sharp.

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