January 30, 2011

Alex and Dustin are Married!

Alex and Dustin are beyond awesome, just ask any of the hundreds of people who filled their reception. So many in fact the room couldn’t contain them all! It was a celebration from moment one for these two and we felt so blessed to just be there and witness the joining of these loving and happy families.

Alex and Dustin’s ceremony ended just as the sun was setting over Southern California, and so we encountered a situation that was a first…total darkness for our bridal portraits. Some photographers would just pack it up and have few (if not zero) photos of the bride and groom, but we just couldn’t. How sad would that be?! Our brides deserve the moon, and so we were determined to get some romantic and hot photos of these two with whatever was around. It’s times like these where our video light, which we invested in earlier last year, really is worth every penny. Much more focused than a normal flash, we love the light that comes out of our little Comer light – we highly recommend it!

We are so excited to share with you even more images from Alex and Dustin’s amazing day, make sure and vote on your favorite images and leave them some love!

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  1. Brett Hickman says:

    Seriously, stunning. Great job guys! We can’t wait for our big day and to have you guys there to capture it all! You and Erin rock!

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