October 18, 2012

Only the Beginning – Happy Anniversary Erin!

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I remember it like it was yesterday.

The first time I heard your voice. You had called me up the day after we exchanged phone numbers and you got my voicemail. I listened to it the second I got off work and couldn’t help but smile…you were so nervous…I could hear it in your voice as you jumped from topic to topic. From vitamins to exercising and then to balloons, it was all in that voicemail. And I remember laughing to myself as I had never received a more wonderfully random phone call in my entire life…and I couldn’t wait to call you back. We talked for hours that night, and while we talked about anything and everything under the sun, I had a sneaky suspicion even then that we’d have our whole lives to talk and laugh about the most random things. I loved every minute and I knew God put you in my life for a reason…you were the woman for me.

I remember our first date at the beach (above), and how you made us take like a THOUSAND pictures with your little point and shoot camera, haha! With each click you got a little closer and then a little closer on that beach towel…I knew what you were up to…and I loved it. Little did I know what was in store for us and that those clicks were just the beginning of what would become a dream we would chase together.

I wanted to write this to you here, today, on the day we celebrate 3 years of an amazing marriage which began on this day, to thank you for picking up that phone and making me the happiest man in the world. Sitting next to you every day and sharing in what adventures and challenges life has in store for us is something I wouldn’t change for anything. You by my side makes me the man I never thought I could be. You do so much, you give so much, and your heart is so big for those around you.¬†Your unconditional love and support of me is something I almost can’t believe sometimes…it’s that amazing…it means so much to me and it’s something I even have trouble putting into words.

I love you and our little family so much Erin, I couldn’t dream of a more blessed and amazing life. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the decades to come. You’re my one true love, my lobster! Happy 3 Year Anniversary babe!




  1. Love you guys! So fun to know you from the beginning of your love story! Happy anniversary!!!

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