April 24, 2010

TalkShop 2010 | Workshop Recap

So I think that it’s taken us this long to fully absorb and process the first workshop we’ve ever hosted which went down this past Sunday here in Irvine. The TalkShop was a success!

The reason we even began to entertain the thought of organizing a day like this was not because we’ve “mastered” the art of wedding photography, or because we’ve made it “big”….because we haven’t….and we definitely haven’t. We put this day together because we were asked to, by a group of people who enjoyed hearing what we had to say when we taught a group of photographers at the SoCal Photog Shootout a few months ago (insert profuse sweating and nervousness here). Our first thought was “HA! Us? We’re new…yeah right. Maybe in 5 years…MAYBE”

Well Erin and I owe all of you our thanks who encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone and bring this together! It was such an amazing day filled with learning (on both sides) and sharing between a group of people who love what they do! We are so humbled by the feedback that we’ve received from the day, and are so glad that everyone took away so much! We definitely were hoping it wouldn’t be a snooze-fest :)

This day was aimed at photographers who are new to the industry and looking to start things off right and equip themselves to grow in their business and turn their passion into a profession! With guest speakers, a Vera Wang wedding gown, two amazing models, a location that was beyond incredible, and everyone leaving beyond excited about what they learned, Erin and I could not have dreamed for this day to have gone any better. It was so much fun meeting, talking, and laughing with everyone; we truly felt in the presence of great friends!

Our most sincere thanks to the amazing vendors and venue who helped this day be absolutely amazing:

Chic Celebrations | Weddings and Events
Gianna SanFilippo, Event Coordinator

Location: Maison des Oliviers

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Floral Arrangements: Desdemonia Gilbert

Decor and Accessories: Chic Celebrations and Tuvalu Home

ML Artistry | Hair & Makeup
Maria Longhi, Makeup Artist

Paul Von Rieter | Photographer
Paul Von Rieter, Wedding Photographer

Wedding Gown by Vera Wang via One Night Affair

Mission Tuxshop

Drew Wade Taylor & Priscilla Lynch

Also, check out some of the attendee’s blogs to see more images!

Paul Von Reiter

Jeremy Chou

Steve Chua

Maria Longhi

Lindsay Chavez

Jaemi Suh


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  1. Joe McDonald says:

    I would be interested in future talkshop info

  2. Kristin says:

    I want info too!

  3. Cathy Dung says:

    Please let me know about future talkshops.

  4. hi Gavin…haha not sure what happened there! I wanted to say this; "Hi Gavin, GREAT stuff. Thank you so much for the talkshop and I learned a great deal. You guys were awesome!!"

  5. What a great time! It was so fun to speak to such a great group, hopefully I get to do it again. Gorgeous pics.

    • admin says:

      Thank YOU so much Gianna! It was gorgeous thanks to you! :) We can’t wait to do it again soon!

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