We spotted them. Sitting on a bench, her head lay gently on his shoulder as they looked out across the ocean and crashing waves. I know what you’re thinking, because we were thinking the same thing..that would be such a great photo!!! You see, they didn’t even know we were there and it was time […]

A photo shoot for Erin and I is very much something we need to prepare for..even before our engagement sessions we do a little pre-game pep talk and tell one another what we’ll each be really challenging ourselves on that day. But even that in and of itself isn’t enough to just whip out our […]

So we were hoping this blog post would be coming to you from our brand new blog, but alas, we’re still populating it so thank you for your patience! We can’t wait to show you! *** EDIT: THE NEW BLOG IS UP! AS YOU CAN SEE!! *** BUT, if we were to pick a couple […]

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