We excitedly hopped into the car last Saturday and headed down the freeway for Jennifer and Andrew’s San Diego engagement photos. Little did we know we were about to meet such an awesome couple, but also the location where we were about to photograph them was going to be a little, shall we say, interesting! […]


*CLICK* – – – – -*CLICK* – – – – – *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* If you were eavesdropping on our latest engagement session on Sunday with Allison and Adam in Newport Beach, this would have been the soundtrack – nay – the ANTHEM for this rocking couple’s photo shoot! We really could not get enough of these […]

I don’t know what it is…maybe it has to do with our puppies asleep at my feet? Or maybe, like a moth to one of those blue zapping lights of death, I’m just beckoned to my computer monitor. But no matter how you slice it I think it’s safe to say I’ve earned the label […]

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