February 16, 2011

Allison and JD | You Can’t Help But Smile.

I don’t know what it is…maybe it has to do with our puppies asleep at my feet? Or maybe, like a moth to one of those blue zapping lights of death, I’m just beckoned to my computer monitor. But no matter how you slice it I think it’s safe to say I’ve earned the label of a nocturnal blogging photographer.

“That’s not a bad thing!” I keep telling Erin as her eyes are getting heavy next to me. “This way our brides will have something to wake up to!”

It’s normally around this point where my wife starts to fade to sleep mumbling about me being a lame version of Santa…or something like that…but I am not deterred. I kiss her cheek, pat the doggies at our feet, and return to the task at hand.

ESPECIALLY tonight! Why? Because these are two people who make us love our job even more! Two people who you just place next to one another, and their faces light up and their chemistry and love just pour out from every image. They love life and more importantly they love one another. We can’t wait for them to be married! We felt so blessed to be able to capture their engagement session down in Laguna Beach. Sadly, we were already booked on Allison and JD’s wedding date, but we could not pass up the chance to get these two in front of our cameras – – – and in about two seconds you’ll see why! I met Allison years ago (not sure if she remembers, but we did! haha) and then Erin and I saw her again recently at Briana and Brandon’s wedding. At that point she wasn’t engaged yet, but we had a feelin’ it was coming up soon. Sure enough! And here’s proof!

Allison and JD, we count ourselves fortunate to know you both and could not be happier for you as you enter this new and exciting time in your lives! Blessings to you guys!

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  1. You’re so right!! I smiled the whole time. I love when you can just tell a couple is so happy and in love. <3 beautiful!

  2. Tira J says:

    Allison is such a beautiful young woman who is also going to be a beautiful bride. I had the privilege of shooting her college graduation portraits and you are SO RIGHT, how can you not smile! Her smile and love for life is infectious! Congratulations Allie and JD! xoxo

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