Being Orange County wedding photographers and also being able to travel doing what we love is a journey that we feel so blessed in sharing with you on our blog as much as we possibly can throughout the year! And because of that, we’ll be changing some things up with our blog design in the […]

This was a first for us, it was raining, and it wasn’t stopping. In all of our weddings we’ve never had rain be a factor. Yes, for all of our friends who don’t live in Southern California I realize the worlds smallest violin is playing as you read this post, but for our awesome couple […]

One more post, can it happen before 2011?? We’re sitting here in Los Angeles, awaiting our flight to our last/first wedding out in Alabama over New Years! I’m writing this without any internet so we’ll see if I can find a connection before we ring in the new year! Erin and I always love to […]

Wow, we have so much to blog coming up in the next few days! But, to send you into the weekend, we wanted to share with you Stephanie and Brian’s wedding! Ever since their engagement session, we’ve been counting the days until their wedding because we knew that we’d have so much fun with these […]

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