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October 26, 2012

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Being Orange County wedding photographers and also being able to travel doing what we love is a journey that we feel so blessed in sharing with you on our blog as much as we possibly can throughout the year! And because of that, we’ll be changing some things up with our blog design in the coming month or so to enhance the way we share our awesome couples with you all! Be looking for that coming before the start of 2013!

orange county wedding photographer



But over the past couple of years, our Facebook business page has become a place where we daily post content and quick sneak peeks from our various weddings and photo shoots…it’s been so much fun to post and interact with our friends and family and it’s been a huge source of referrals and where amazing couples hear about our work!

Well, we need your help!

As I’m sure you’ve seen and heard, Facebook is trying hard to get people and businesses alike to pay and promote their various posts, otherwise up to 90% of posts won’t even be seen on your newsfeed. We obviously don’t want to have to pay every time we post a photo of a great wedding we’d like to share with you, but we’d love to keep in touch with you as we always have and continue to build an awesome community here on our page!

To ensure you can still see our posts, all you have to do is go and visit our Gavin and Erin page and next to the “Liked” button click on the “Settings” and select “Add to Interest Lists”…then you’re DONE!

orange county wedding photographers, gavin and erin wade
We’re so thankful for you all and for your support of our dream since we began 5 years ago. Also be sure to friend us on Facebook as well and say hello!

Thank you again, make it a great day!

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