May 7, 2010

Palos Verdes Wedding Photography: Marsha and Lamont

Marsha and Lamont were married on Saturday near the gorgeous coastline of Rancho Palos Verdes. Erin and I absolutely love Persian weddings, and for different reasons! First of all, I love the incredible thought and time that goes in to every single detail of the ceremony. From the intricate and colorful sofre aghd (their wedding table had items from all around the world!!) to the beautiful heirloom jewelry; every action and item had a purpose and a meaning. Secondly, the wedding ceremony captures your attention and focuses on the acceptance and unity between the two individuals and the joining of two families into one. Marsha and Lamont’s ceremony was filled with laughter and tears as they became one as husband and wife!

With the help of Lindsay and Saara from Just Perfect Event Planning, the entire afternoon and evening went so smoothly and everyone (photographers included) had an absolutely amazing time! To know Marsha and Lamont is to know the love, respect, and appreciation they have for their friends and family. And much like them both, their day exuded class, style, and a selfless appreciation for those around them! They truly are amazing and after 7 years are together at last! It was such an honor to be present at this incredible day; Erin and I are humbled by your trust and could not be more excited as you begin your new life in Washington D.C., as a family!

Here are a few images from their day. Enjoy!


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  1. minta says:

    beautiful pics! especially love the last one!

  2. I love this wedding ~ these shots are amazin! This couple is gorgeous and the detail shots simply blow my mind. You two are fabulous!!!

  3. oz says:

    dude, you killed it as always. Awesome work brother.

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