March 4, 2010

Our Hearts Have Been Stolen!

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We’d talked about it. But for sometime down the line, say a year or so from now.

It wasn’t anything serious. We started looking because honestly, who doesn’t like to be around puppies? Harmless enough, right?

Well before we knew it we were bringing home a little floppy-eared ball of heart-melting cuteness! We wanted to make sure we did our due diligence before leaping into such a responsibility, and spent 9 hours going around to various breeders, shelters, and homes looking for the perfect fit for our family.

Lo and behold, we returned that night with Ella (El-la), a Mal-Shih, and we are so thankful to have her! From moment one, we knew that there was something special about her, and she has been the most amazing pup! We can’t wait to share the joys, sleepless nights, and comedy that inevitably comes with being new puppy parents!

Ella hadn’t even been home for an hour before we had to bust out the camera and do our first (but definitely not last) photoshoot with our little fur ball! Don’t worry, we’ll find better light than our kitchen for her next close up…but for now we just had to share the good news!

World…meet Ella :)

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  1. Ahhh…whole lotta a puppy love going on lately, he’e bewy cute!

  2. Lara Rios says:

    Ahhhhh THAT’S SOOOO CUTE!!! I waaaaant one. OMG! Ok Gavin and Erin be careful now because that’s the first step into moving towards parenting, hahaha! Congrats guys! OH! And I looove the name too: Ella! so feminine!! Have fun at WPPI and take care!

  3. Mary Hurlbut says:

    Awwww, such cuteness. Just like any baby, she’ll take time and love and work, but she will also enrich and bless your lives. Congratulations

  4. Awwww that’s the same kind of dog Stephen has, looks just like her. Get ready for lots of love!!! They are such sweetie pies! Ella is so cute!

  5. sooooo cute!!! ahhh!!!! I have that same kind of dog too! They are real sweetie-pies!

  6. eitan says:

    So super cute!Doesn’t even look like a dog, but like a cuter kind of animal!

  7. […] immediately we knew that our family needed this little 2 pound cotton ball in our lives. And for Ella, with us away for longer days shooting weddings, she needed a sister to play with! Our family is […]

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