June 18, 2010

Orange Hill Restaurant: Michelle and Adam’s Wedding in Orange County

In looking back at our last few blog posts, besides the fact that they are all amazing couples, there is one trend that stands out…lots of TREES!

Okay, I’m halfway kidding. But yes, dear friends, as of late we’ve found ourselves traversing the shrubbery of Southern California, in search of gorgeous light, and a backdrop befitting the amazing moment when a bride and groom see one another for the first time before they become husband and wife. Michelle and Adam (the perfectly awesome couple you’ll see below), are the types of people you can’t help but love and jump over the moon for…they are just that incredible. And together, not only are they fun and hilarious, but they know how to throw one great party!

These two wisely knew that once they were married and walked back down that aisle, they’d be surrounded and engulfed by their close friends and family (it’s a nice problem to have!). So Michelle and Adam wanted to set up an off-site opportunity to see one another before the craziness and fun began.

Each escorted in their very own classic Rolls Royce, the beaming bride stepped out to her fiancé anxiously awaiting to see her for the first time. Bathed in the shade of the trees surrounding Irvine Park, it was a perfect moment. Joined by their daughter Saige, who is adorable beyond words, as a family they spent the hour together, relaxed, and ready to officially become a family.

Married overlooking Orange County, they exchanged vows at the beautiful Orange Hill Restaurant with a beautifully decorated reception right after. And while the tables were beautiful, people weren’t sitting at them very long as the dance floor was bumping, and everyone was having the best time!

Michelle and Adam, every single moment we have spent with you has been so much fun. It’s because of amazing couple like you that we choose weddings to be our lives work! Thank you thank you for your trust and friendship, both Erin and I are so excited for all three of you!!

Here are a few moments we couldn’t wait to share…



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  1. Cassandra says:

    They are absolutely beautiful!!!

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