March 25, 2010

Miami Wedding Photography: Jose and Olga & 1500 Guests!

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I had the distinct privilege and honor to be able to shoot Jose and Olga’s wedding Miami a few weeks ago with Ray Santana, Oz Wroe, Jonathan Chan, and Lara Rios. Yes, that’s right, there were over 5 amazing photographers covering this wedding!

Why would one ever want/need so many talented photographers you might ask? Well the guest list to this incredible wedding was larger than high school! With over 1500 in attendance combined with the amazing details and decadence that met you at every turn, this wedding had all of us shooting nonstop. The ceremony alone left the towering Epiphany Catholic Church filled to standing room only, followed by over 20 buses waiting to transport the guests to the cocktail hour and reception.

Gorgeous in her gown by Oscar de la Renta and her shoes by Cristian Louboutin, Olga was glowing from morning until night as she anxiously awaited seeing Jose on her long walk down the aisle! All evening, you would have guessed they were the only two people in the room by the way they looked at one another and exchanged smirks and flirtatious winks! So in love, so happy to be spending forever together! Despite the amazing celebration in their honor, the guest list needed only two names on it for them to be happy. They needed only each other, the rest were just details.

Thank you Ray for allowing me to capture such a day and such a romance!

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  1. Oz Wroe says:

    So sick dude, great work! The shot of her coming down the aisle is a knockout! They’re all knockouts.

  2. Looks like it was an awesome time! And great shots bro! You guys are on a roll and I couldn’t be happier for you….Keep up the great work!

  3. ray santana says:

    Great stuff Gavin… Thanks again for coming to Miami and helping out… Goodtimes

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