July 12, 2010

Jennifer and Matt : Our Friends are Married!

Nothing like a crazy in love couple to end our blog silence over the past couple weeks, right?!

I feel like Erin and I had the best of both worlds when it came to everything about our time with Jen and Matt. First, they got married two weeks before our shoot with them (Erin was one of Jen’s bridesmaids), and I had the privilege of actually attending a wedding for once and loved every second of it. Although, since they had a little time before they left for their honeymoon, we could help but take them for a romantic afternoon in the fields of Orange County. Having spent hours upon hours looking through wedding blogs and magazines for her wedding, Jen wanted to carry over the theme she and Matt had for their wedding. Talk about perfect! We had the dress, we had the tux, we had the details, and we had all the time in the world. All we needed was some amazing California light! Jen and Matt had that newly-wedded glow, and we are so happy for them! It was an honor to not only be at their wedding, but also have the chance to get these two in front of our cameras…and I think you’ll see why. Individually they are amazing, and together they are just…perfect :)

After looking through some of our top favorites, click HERE to see their full slideshow!


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  1. Jeremy Chou says:

    great stuff! Lighting is perfect.

  2. Guys, I really like this shoot! You know how to work a wheat field! Pics 1, 4, and 6 are my favs.

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