February 24, 2011

Jenni and Kris | Fun in the Giant Sandbox

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” A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

I came across this and knew I had to start this post with that quote. Jenni and Kris have been our friends since the beginning of Erin and my relationship. Literally since day one, we have shared so many things with them. Movie nights, pumpkin carving, video games, champagne brunches, and laughing until our sides hurt. So much so that when Erin and I got married, they moved into the same apartment complex as us and thus gave us all even more excuses to grow closer and challenge and support one another through life.

With Kris joining the Air Force and heading out to bootcamp for months on end, it’s safe to say that Jenni and Erin became besties and I was routinely left to my own devices on the nights of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

Shortly after Kris’ return home, they found out they needed to move up North to Vandenburg Air Force Base for Kris’ new job; our friends were leaving and we couldn’t follow – – –

A week or so ago we wanted (needed) to see them, it’d been too long! So we packed up the car, the pups, and our camera gear and headed up the California Coast. Jenni has mentioned *hinted* to Erin a couple days earlier that she and Kris really didn’t have any photos of the two of them – – – and if you’re our friends you’ll know we can’t have that! Almost whether you like it or not – – – Erin’s going to get you in front of the camera. haha. Never mind the fact that it was freezing cold and crazy windy, it shows just how much Jenni and Kris love us that they’d even consider going through the frostbite and the watering eyes all so we could take a few photos.

This shoot meant so much to us. And to keep with the analogy of the quote up above, these two have encouraged us and sang our song back to us more times than we can count. They believed in us from the moment we even thought about photography, and if we could give them the moon we would in a heartbeat.

Erin and I are beyond grateful for these two and hope that song becomes a symphony in the coming years. Sham and KK, we hope to see you soon! Hopefully a few of these shots made the frozen appendages worthwhile!



  1. Love this post, the last two images really jumped at me. Beautiful!

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