October 26, 2011

Fernando and Michelle are Married!

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Fernando and Michelle are so dear to both of us. Their wedding day, like their relationship, was just so special. They are the type of couple that inspires you and sets the bar when we think of what types of people we’d want to be around every single weekend we pick up our cameras.

They make us smile from ear to ear even way back behind our camera’s, and brought more than a few tears to my beloved wife’s eyes during several incredibly special moments during their reception. Fernando and Michelle, you’ve got “IT” and it was such an honor to be the ones to capture your day.

We hope you enjoy these few that were extra special to us!

**Also, a special shout out to Olivares and Co. (a former groom of ours turned fantastic wedding designer) for the great details and hard work that was put in at their reception!**

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