There’s that “spark” between two people. We’ve all heard about that initial spark when a couple meets for the first time. Their eyes lock, fireworks go off, and the whole room fades away. It’s that puppy love that Hollywood scripts are made of…but don’t think it ends there….far from it, in fact. And we have […]

*PHEW* It has been one crazy week, let met tell ya. And thus, on Wednesday, our marathon of engagement sessions came to an end. And talk about sprinting to the finish with Allison and Scott! If you’re reading this post, you undoubtedly saw the header image for their post. If you forgot what it looked […]

Allison and Jake are so much fun. These two, when they are together, light up one another’s worlds. During our time in the park with them, they would ask us “what do you want us to do?” (And it’s a question we get all the time when are out during our engagement sessions) So many […]

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