There are so many little moments during a wedding day that can come and go in a split second, and yet within those tiny moments you could extrapolate a novel’s worth of meaning. This particular La Venta Inn wedding with Gina and Scott had more of these moments than we could count! The way Gina […]

Every La Venta Inn wedding that Erin and I get to be a part of is just so special to us! With such an incredible backdrop and with two people so fun and engaging like Carole and Justin, we simply had just the best time! The entire grounds at La Venta Inn were adorned with […]

What a day we had with Kelley and Afshin! Every wedding we’ve ever been a part of at La Venta Inn has been so wonderfully unique and Kelley and Afshin’s was no exception. Rather, it set the bar! With them doing their first look at Terranea (with a guest appearance by their pup Mumble) our […]

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