What can we say about Eric and Lisa’s La Venta Inn wedding in Palos Verdes that these images don’t impart? I think between the two of us, Erin and I have looked through their entire wedding about 5o times. ¬†Each and every time we come away with an even bigger smile on our face and […]

Happy Monday everyone! We are very excited to kick off the week by sharing Shannon and Marland’s beautiful wedding day with you! Their morning began at the beautiful Terranea Resort and then we headed down the road to the always spectacular Wayfarers Chapel for their ceremony. Blessed with fantastic weather all along the coast we […]

There are so many little moments during a wedding day that can come and go in a split second, and yet within those tiny moments you could extrapolate a novel’s worth of meaning. This particular La Venta Inn wedding with Gina and Scott had more of these moments than we could count! The way Gina […]

There is something so magical about every La Venta Inn wedding that we have the privilege of photographing. The amazing couples, the simply stunning location, and the wonderful staff of New York Food Company make every wedding day truly incredible. Diana and Ralph’s wedding day not only increased our love for this amazing place, but […]

There is so much we would love to tell you about our time with Diana and Ralph during their Orange County engagement session in the fields of San Juan. First of all, it had been months since we had seen these two and after ages of stalking one another on Facebook and Instagram our reunion […]

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