Within every destination wedding, there are adventures to be had and places to experience! If you scroll down to our previous post you’ll see the wonderful reason why we traveled to Alabama (Congrats Heather and Tyler!), but along the way and a couple days after their New Years Day wedding, we did some exploring. Admittedly, […]

Having just returned from the GORGEOUS town of Fairhope, Alabama for Heather and Tyler’s wedding, we are so excited to share with you our first wedding of 2011! And all we have to say is….wow. From the moment we arrived we were treated like family, welcomed at ever turn. Add on top of that some […]

One more post, can it happen before 2011?? We’re sitting here in Los Angeles, awaiting our flight to our last/first wedding out in Alabama over New Years! I’m writing this without any internet so we’ll see if I can find a connection before we ring in the new year! Erin and I always love to […]

To say this engagement session was special for us would be an understatement. Erin in particular since she first met Heather at a church they attended several years ago in Beverly Hills. Needless to say, they became friends and when Heather got engaged, within a day or two she tracked us down on Facebook and […]

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