June 13, 2010

Simi Valley Wedding Photography: Margo and Tim

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First of all, I know what you’re thinking! Yes, we had not one.. but two weddings in Simi Valley this past weekend, and yes…both of the grooms’ names were Tim! No, we didn’t plan that, but yes we think it is beyond awesome.

What can we say about Margo and Tim’s wedding…where to begin?? From the moment we met these two, we were so excited for the day when they would be married! They were each other’s better halves…Tim was Margo’s lobster! (If you don’t watch Friends, explanation here on the lobster thing, haha)

And for the day when the wedding had FINALLY arrived, we knew no matter what, that this day was going to be nothing short of incredible. Since Erin is always with the girls when they are getting ready and I’m always with the guys, we love to talk at the end of the day to hear how each other’s mornings went. Erin could not stop talking about how joyful and excited Margo was before she saw Tim; not an ounce of stress. She was marrying the man of her dreams!

Fighting the heat in Simi Valley, Margo and Tim knew that they wanted to see one another before their ceremony (did I mention we LOVE first looks?!). They wanted the chance to just be with one another and take some time just the two of them to get excited about their day! From the moment Tim turned around and saw his bride, they could not stop being in each other’s arms and smiling; reveling in the fact that their day had finally come and that they would forever be together!

And what a location is was, despite the near triple digit temperatures, tucked beneath the towering trees we were able to capture absolutely gorgeous photos of the two of them! Joined later by their family, it was the perfect way to begin the day.

Their ceremony took place at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, with Margo’s father being the one who married them. It was such a beautiful ceremony! Filled with laughter, tears, prosthetic arms that played music (loong story, haha), and a time of prayer…I could think of no better way for these two to be married.

No doubt these two lovebirds are still in Cancun enjoying paradise, but Erin and I just could not wait to share with you some of our favorite moments. Congratulations Margo and Tim! Your story, your love, and  your testimony is an inspiration to everyone you meet. (Especially love the part where Margo slapped Tim after he kissed her on their first date, ha!) We love you both and are SO happy that you are married!!! FINALLY!!


  1. Brittany says:

    Wow – the shots you took captured the day so well! I wasn’t able to be there, so I can’t wait to see more!! Congrats Margo and Tim!

  2. cheryl says:

    aww guys… the words above made me cry! the pics look awesome. may God bless the two of you in ur married life! lots of love from the uk.xxx

  3. Brenda says:

    What lovely photos. Beautifully captured! Congratulations Tim

  4. Heather says:

    These pictures are INCREDIBLE! You guys did an amazing job of capturing such a truly special day and such beautiful couple! :)

  5. Arpegea says:

    wOw! What awesome pictures! They really show the love you have for each other- It looks like your day was so perfect! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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