It has been a whirlwind of a month here in the studio. All the while, we have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of WPPI and the photo shoot we’ve been organizing out in the desert! We were blown away by the response and had over 30 photographers come out and participate in the fashion shoot […]

In writing this post and thinking back on last weekend, I am filled with such gratitude. Erin and I hosted our second TalkShop here at our studio and in typical OC fashion, the local photographers who attended were simply amazing. In our first couple of slides that morning (yes, I made a Keynote presentation, and […]

So I think that it’s taken us this long to fully absorb and process the first workshop we’ve ever hosted which went down this past Sunday here in Irvine. The TalkShop was a success! The reason we even began to entertain the thought of organizing a day like this was not because we’ve “mastered” the […]

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